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Photos courtesy of IMDB
Soundtrack NY was very excited to work with the always funny David Cross on his film "Hits," which premiered at this year's 2014 Sundance Film Festival. David Cross, who you know from "Arrested Development" and "Mr. Show", wrote "Hits". This was also his directorial debut. "Hits," edited by Patrick Colman, stars Matt Walsh from "VEEP," and Meredith Hagner from "Men at Work" and "Royal Pains." You'll also see other familiar faces in "Hits", like Michael Cera, Julia Stiles, Wyatt Cenac and Jason Ritter, just to name a few. The film is a dark comedy that takes place in upstate NY and involves a municipal worker, Dave (played by Matt Walsh), whose life changes when his rants at City Hall go viral. "Hits" was mixed by Dan Brennan in Studio F at NY, with editorial work by supervising sound editor Louis Bertini, dialogue editor Craig Kyllonen, ADR/Foley Mixer Ric Schnupp, and foley editor Justine Baker.


Photo courtesy of LG
The Hill Holliday crew was in at Soundtrack working on LG's latest round of spots entitled "Mom Confessions". They all feature a mom gushing over her new appliances while humorously reflecting on her life. The creative team was led by Lance Jensen and included Joe Fallon, Justin Galvin, Ben Huser, Scott Noble, Mary Rich and was produced by Paul Shannon. Soundtrack Boston's Dave Sicilian recorded Leslie Mann as the VO (from "This is 40" and "Knocked Up) and the spots were mixed by Mike Secher and Brian Heidebrecht. In addition, Mike Secher made a guest appearance as the tag voice over.
Check out the spots here: #MomConfessions

Photo courtesy of ABC Family
Finish's colorist, Rob Bessette, teamed up with cinematographer Shelly Johnson to create the initial look and feel during the dailies process for ABC Family's newest show, Chasing Life. The pilot was filmed in Boston with a strong production team consisting of veterans sporting credits like Captain America, The Expendables, and Percy Jackson. Chasing Life recently premiered this spring as it's first season gets underway. Check it out on ABC Family every Tuesday at 9pm EST!


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It’s been a busy Spring for the AirCraft office. The interns and staff have all hands on deck working on placements in spots for Cadillac, Bank of America, Volvo, Subway, Atlantic Broadband, Dunkin Donuts, and Friendly’s, to name a few, as well as placements in NBC Universal’s Royal Pains, and Ken Strong’s independent film “My Elusive Mychele”. We have also filled our time with four new album releases, starting with “Energetic Ease Volume 2,” the second half of an upbeat acoustic rock series. Next is “Retro Modern,” a collection of tunes with a 60’s/70’s feel and a modern edge. In late April, “Corporate Strings” was released, full of new-age orchestral pieces that can motivate the masses, in or out of the boardroom.
Our most recent CD, “Indie Pop,”  is AirCraft’s 219th album. For those looking for tracks in the style of Fun., The Postal Service and Ray LaMontagne, these songs create the perfect easy-going vibe for a springtime soundtrack, by making your sheets brighter and donuts even tastier. Bringing a little extra happiness to our library in this collection are composers Judson Lee, Alex Byrne, Dow Brain and Darien Shulman. 
IndieTracks has been expanding as well, with new submissions every day. Now at 3,700 unique pieces, the IndieTracks catalog has a wide variety of tracks that fit into an endless number of genres and users. IndieTracks is also happy to report recent placements for Cigna and Blue Cross, as well as Carnival Cruise Lines.
As always, we can perform free music searches, anytime! We are always available at or at (800) 343-2514.

For over 30 years we've been steering The Soundtrack Group to a place where it has the size and capability to handle the largest national ad campaigns and mixing of A-list Hollywood features, yet small enough to know that you like your mocha lattes with just a dash of sugar. This newsletter is our way of keeping you in touch with the things that The Soundtrack Group is doing to use developing technology, a terrific staff and a little chutzpah to handle your projects.


Soundtrack Boston crew Michael Gross, Abby Lewis, Amy Blankenship, Brea Thomas, Hillary Rider, and Katherine Angus got to spend the day with Johnny Depp while he was here working on "Mortdecai" on Stage G with Kevin McLaughlin.

Howard Carle got to work with John Malkovich in Studio C recording for "Penguins of Madagascar".

Jordan Knight and Nick Carter (pictured above with Dave Sicilian) have been busy in Studio F working on their new album titled "Nick & Knight", slated to be released on September 2nd. 

Jim Fay hung out with his doppelganger Jesse Plemons after an ADR session.

Susan Misner from "The Americans" on FX was here recording with Kevin McLaughlin.
SUMMER 2014 | VOL. 31


Scott Cannizzaro has had the Uniworld Group in his studio on the Ford account and with Trahan Burden Charles mixing spots for the Hair Cuttery. In addition, he's been working with the Bard Graduate Center on Swedish Wooden Toys while juggling ADR as well.

Dominick Tavella had the pleasure of working with with Spike Lee through Lost Planet Editorial and Hill Holliday on the "Teddy Bridgewater: A Promise To Rose" video for Cadillac.  You can see it here on YouTube: Click Here.

Mike Secher in Studio A has been very busy working on the next round of Progressive TV with Mike Lawson, Phoebe Cole and Lauren Landry from Arnold, as well as mixing Cadillac spots with Tim Mollen, Paul Shannon and Scott Hainline from HHCC and Subway TV with Sarah Ventetuolo and Mike Michaud from MMB.

Brian Heidebrecht has had a lot going on with A&G for Staples TV, produced by Jim Buckley. The new TV rollout for LG for HHCC, with Paul Shannon producing, has been going well. He also worked on Dunkin DonutsRed Sox TV, featuring David Ortiz for HHCC, with Whitney Bogosian producing. 

Howard in Studio C had the Forge Worldwide crew in to record and mix Rockland Trust radio with Jonathan Tompkins producing. Then Melissa Johnson, Matthew O'Rourke, Rachel Brady, Jamie P. Mambro and Diana LaBrecque from MMB were in several times working on Gulf State Toyota TV and radio. In addition, he had Amanda Newton-Gray, Dustin Levine and Jerry Izzo from Via visiting Studio C to record and mix Sam's Club radio, TV and cinema.

Sound design for "Hidden History in your House" pilot on H2 has been underway in Brian McKeever's studio! He worked with Joan Cassin, Mary Mullaney and Michael SvirskyMuseum of Science radio for A&G has been going well, with Tarra Marino producing; he also worked on US Cellular TV for Mullen, with Ken "Let's Have a Beer" Kingdon.

Mike Letourneau's studio has been firing on all cylinders for McDonald's Good Morning TV and Radio for H&L Partners, with Scott Doggett producing. He's been hard at work with Full Contact and producer Jonathan Braun for Atlantic Broadband radio. He also teamed up with producer Tia Demelis on Huntington Bank TV and Radio for Arnold.

David Sicilian worked with producer Rachael Brady on Subway TV for MMB this spring, as well as Cumberland Farms radio spots for Full Contact, with Jonathan Braun producing. He's been occupied with US Cellular radio as well, with Caitlan Williams as producer, for Mullen.

In Kevin's Studio G, life was beachy-peachy with some fun (lunch ordering) clients! First, Laura Fronius, Bob Noll, Matt Rogers, Mike Sullivan and Bill Karb took turns watching over some funny TV spots for the famous (who but) W.B. Mason.  The Small Army folks (Harry, Brianna, Eliza, Christian, Paul, Allison and Princess Megan [no 'h']) brought in a, well, a small army of guys and gals to record spots for Sage Bank.  Earlier in the month, Blue Hill Bank was in the Small Army spotlight.  Donna Gittens and Julia Beck from MORE Advertising returned for Umass College of Nursing radio, while the Match Drive troika of Todd, Matt the Trout and Ashley worked on radio for MassSave and National Grid (bring back Reddy Kilowatt!).

Spring also saw the return of Capital Consulting with Soupy Sales biggest fan Claudia DelMonico and “Who the heck is Soupy Sales?” Bert Durant of the New England Carpenters Union for recording and mixing some new radio spots.

Enjoy the summer!  Catch ya when the leaves turn, and when Doctor Who Returns!

Mark DeSimone and Beaux Neylon have been busy working on “Believe”, “Crossbones”, “The Blacklist”, “Royal Pains”, “Power”, “Da Vinci's Demons”, “Penny Dreadful” “The Divide”, “The Following”, “Cosmos”, “The Simpsons”, “Bob's Burgers”, “The Tomorrow People”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Turn”, “Halt & Catch Fire”,  “True Blood”, “Wayward Pines”, “The Normal Heart, “The Leftovers” and “Annie”- just to name a few!

Dan Brennan mixed trailers for IFC and Jump Cut Creative including “God's Pocket”, “Pioneer”, “Cold in July”, “Queen Margot”, "Boyhood”, "Whitey”, “Rich Hill” and “Alive Inside”.  He also mixed the PBS Documentary “Whistler”. Keep a look out for the upcoming independent features also mixed by Dan- “Hits” (see feature article), “Somewhere in the Middle”, “Dark Was the Night” and “Shelter”.

June was bustin' out all over, with Kevin and his cohorts on Stage G!
First up, Mr. John Malkovich, voicing Dave in Dreamworks' “The Penguins Of Madagascar,” and then looping dialogue for Casanova, in Michael Sturminger'sThe Giacomo Variations.” Funny dude Aziz Ansari voiced Darryl in a very romantic episode of Fox'sBob's Burgers,” and speaking of romance, Michael Rianda winged in to play The Love God for Disney Channel's Gravity Falls.”  Five actors replaced lines for HBO's upcoming mini-series “Olive Kitteridge,” and finally, the ridiculously wonderful, charming, superb, (can you tell we were smitten?) Susan Misner replaced some dialogue and (blush) heavy moaning as Sandra Beeman in the FX series “The Americans.
Whew, temperature's rising and the jukebox's blown a fuse.  My heart's beatin' rhythm, so join us later for more news! (Ahem, sorry Beatles).

Agencies like Arnold, Brand Content, and MMB have been utilizing the talents of Tim Montgomery and his newly updated Flame 2015. With Flame 2015’s new 3D shape tool you can take a vector file and instantly create 3D logos and other extruded objects. Tim Montgomery is creating great work for clients such as Baileys, Carnival, Titleist, Subway, Santander, New Balance and Sam Adams. Other upgrades include an expanded Cinema 4D render farm, allowing the great results our clients have become accustomed to in a lot less time!

Rob Bessette has been keeping busy in the color suite working with clients like Titleist, Reebok, Eastern Bank, Subway, Tyson, and Toyota. Rob's DaVinci Resolve has recently been given a hardware boost to allow for real time play back of third party plug ins. Flares, film grain, rays, and many other effects are now able to happen in the color suite! In addition, Rob has also been coloring with Hasbro while utilizing custom built streaming software that allows for remote supervised color sessions.


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