Hey Soundtrack Group Friends, 

It’s been a while now  but we have been actively planning for your return and we want to tell you about it. 
  1. When you arrive off the elevator, every door you touch -refrigerator handle, studio ISO door, elevator call button-  will be coated with a new self cleaning, antiseptic covering. Powered by light, these ‘skins’ constantly oxidize their way to clean, a first step toward creating a self cleaning environment.

  2. Conversations at the front desk will be protected via a Plexiglas shield while you refresh yourself with one of our touch-less hand sanitizers or pick up items from our stock of PPE gear such as masks and gloves.

  3. Entering your studio, the AC unit keeping your environment cool also keeps it clean with new UV light technology  that constantly cleans the air being cycled into your room. This one is my favorite.

  4. The use of UV light technology also handles the ‘turn around’ of sessions.  Everything that people touch-the mics, wind screens, phones, etc.- will be refreshed before every session by Ultraviolet light. Our UV ‘trash can’, a custom item designed by the Soundtrack tech group using 253.7nm UV fluorescent lights  is the secret. This process takes only a few minutes but allows for each  session to start fresh  every time  by breaking down the DNA chain of bacterium and viruses.  All UV-C treatments will be checked and double checked with UV-C dosimeter measurement cards, making sure this treatment is constantly doing its job in it’s invisible spectrum.

  5. UV light technology will also be used in our UV-C room surface treatment system. Hospitals use this kind of system in their operating rooms and we’ve brought this technology to Soundtrack. 

  6. All Soundtrack Group staff will be following CDC guidelines for use of masks and gloves and our staff of busy bees will be buzzing around continually wiping down surfaces.

  7. For those who want to stay home, Soundtrack has designed and implemented a new mobile recording unit – The Rig- that will connect talent, producer[s] and studio easily and efficiently. Now, no one has to leave home and everyone can still be at the session, with a little bit of internet magic and our special ‘black box’. Talk to Carlie for more info on this item.
We’ve put our time to good use, as you can tell. We look forward to seeing you back again and will continue our efforts to make that a safe, secure and productive experience. 

Do not hesitate to contact Cristina or Ken for further information on any of the safety technologies or our new ’stay at home’ remote mobile access system, The Rig.