Remote ADR/VO Recording Kit

The Soundtrack Remote Recording kit, an easy to use, sanitized and self-contained home studio.

It’s a plug and play ADR and Voiceover solution that includes a direct connection to an in-studio Soundtrack engineer. Our skilled engineers will be driving the session while you remotely supervise via Zoom (or your preferred remote conferencing software).

We’re recording, you’re directing, no one is in the same room.

Soundtrack can deliver the unit to your talent’s home and provide safe, on-site tech support (contact us regarding northeast regional availability), or we can ship the unit domestically (Continental U.S.).
Intrigued? Of course you are!

Please contact Carlie in NY or Leo in Boston to learn more

While we can stream video of the talent, we recommend just using audio for communication. This helps both maximize bandwidth for audio on the remote rig and maximizes screen real estate for the talent on the remote rig as well.
We connect you to both your remote talent and the engineer at Soundtrack over your favorite remote software, i.e. Zoom, Evercast, Source Connect which ever you prefer.
We record full resolution (32 bit / 48K WAV) audio locally on the remote kit. We also record over the remote connection. Depending on the talent's bandwidth the remote record can be near full resolution and can be used in final production. After the session we can also transfer the original audio from the remote so you can work with the original full resolution 32bit / 48K WAV files.
We keep setup as simple as possible. Your talent just needs to open the kit, remove the mics, and get the laptop connected to the internet and we can take it from there.
We highly recommend a direct connection to your router if possible. (There is a long network cable included in the kit.) The stability of the session depends greatly on the remote kit's available bandwidth. We have had many successful sessions over a wifi connection but we always request to secure a hard line if possible.
Between every use the kit is dissembled and fully sanitized with CDC approved cleaners and UV-C light before it is packed up again.
Once powered up and online we are able to take control of the kit and handle any trouble shooting from the studio. Also our highly knowledgable staff is also only a phone call away for help on the initial setup. If your talent is located near New York or Boston we may be able to arrange a member of our staff to handle a complete setup as well should that be requested.
We are currently shipping the kit anywhere in the continental United States, please contact us regarding availability, they are very popular!
We have a reasonable day rate charge for the kit, which will be charged for everyday it is out of the studio. This is in addition to the actual studio time booked at Soundtrack to run the session. Special pricing is available for long term rental.
Absolutely, in fact we've had requests for kits to stay at an actor's home for an entire season of a show. Please contact us regarding rates and availability.

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