Scheduling Guidelines

With multiple studios and engineers, we can usually accommodate the times and resources you need. Got an emergency session? Call us. We can often shift things around to squeeze you in.

Basic Info

If you “firm” or “book” a time, you are financially responsible for that time. If for some reason you can not use the time, we will try to resell it. Unfortunately, if we are unable to do so, you will have to pay for it.

If you are holding time and someone calls and wants to “force a buy” or “challenge you for time”, we will contact you and give you the opportunity to buy or release that time.

If possible, we would like to know whether you will be buying or releasing your hold by 5pm EST the day before. This will help us to ensure that we have all of the necessary materials gathered and ready for your session on the following day.

It may be helpful to put a “bump” on sessions that aren’t block booked. You can book your sessions with up to an hour bump time. This is to make sure you can extend your session beyond your booked time if necessary. You only pay for the bump if you use it, and it is billed in 15 minute increments.

If you are recording a talent in another city via satellite or ISDN lines, you’ll need to put the connection “on hold”, as well as the studio in the city where the talent is located.

Our scheduling personnel can explain all these details and answer any questions you have. We can also set up your session for any special needs, special food, foreign formats, client phone patches, etc.

Helpful Hints

Overall, communication helps to reduce surprises while producing. If you have any questions, call us, we can walk you through the process to make sure you have everything you need.

Our goal is to make sure you have a smooth easy session. Any details you can provide us when calling to hold time is much appreciated.