Soundtrack Boston COVID-19 Notice

Soundtrack Group Boston

Operation and Safety Update


Soundtrack Boston is open (safely) for business.

Our engineers have been working on a wide variety of client projects safely and consistently. 


As far as safety and sanitization protocol, here are some measures that we’ve incorporated to assure client, talent and personnel safety:

Studio and Booth

UV Sterilization of Microphones, Pop Filters and Headphones are sterilized pre-and post sessions using large UV light boxes by trained staff.


Manual Disinfection- Facility Wide

Surfaces and touch points are cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes and solvents daily. Studios are disinfected pre and post session. We are also employing antimicrobial film on frequent touch points throughout the facility. 


HVAC/ Air Circulation

We are introducing a system to sterilize air that circulates throughout the studio via UV light as an added layer of client and staff protection.


Front Desk / Reception

We have installed Plexiglas barriers at the reception and client service are on the the 4th floor to minimize exposure, but still allow for communication and interaction with our friendly staff.



Most recent sessions with VO talent have been with actors from their home studios. We have a list of union and non-union actors with home studios and Source Connect that we can share upon request. If actors prefer to read in the booth at our studio, we can safely accommodate such a scenario. Talent will arrive on the 4th floor and be directed by a studio staffer wearing a facemask and practicing social distancing, to the recording booth. There will need to be some mic adjustment performed by the engineer. We will have the talent come out of the studio while the engineer, wearing a mask and gloves, steps in to make the adjustments in the booth. The engineer and talent will not be in the booth at the same time. Client supervision has been via Zoom and has been working reliably and seamlessly. 


We hope that you feel confident in the processes we have put in place to assure safe and successful sessions at Soundtrack Boston.