Talent Payment and Casting


Be sure that all talent scheduled are members in good standing of the union. Start by sending a completed Station 12 form to the union. They will give you the status of each talent. Union talent must be employed by a signatory to the union. You can not have union talent and non union talent within the same production.

You must complete a Taft-Hartley form for all non-union performers.

Radio and TV sessions shall be no longer than 90 minutes in duration, beginning at call time. Industrial sessions may last up to 1 hour. Schedule talent carefully to avoid overcharges.

Talent, on-hold or booked, must be paid for cancelled and postponed sessions. In order to avoid such fees when choosing talent, ask for a “right of first refusal” or a “first available.”

To avoid late payment charges, bring completed paperwork to the session for the talent to sign- off on. You only have 5 business days from the record date to pay your paymaster for talent.

Talent working on a Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays must be paid double time.

Talent can audition (using completed and approved scripts only!) at no charge, other than studio time and casting fees.

Any spot running beyond their original cycle and/or market will constitute an additional payment. For TV spots, you must pay holding fees for any spot you wish to air again at a later date.

Allow as much time as possible in booking to get the talent of your choice.

Soundtrack is a signatory to SAG/AFTRA and offers union talent payment for any of your advertising projects. Both Boston and NY facilities have an extensive database of local talent, and we are happy to search through our demos, or do in-house castings to find a voice-over talent that is perfect for your production. Please note that Soundtrack does not represent voice-over talent.


Contact – Natasha Alisandratos

Phone – 617-303-7500

Email – talent@soundtrackgroup.com